Master Zhang has inherited two Major Chinese Martial arts systems. One is Xin Yi Dao 心意道 and another one is Tong Hua Men 通化門.

Xing Yi Dao Kung Fu is a internal martial arts system created by Grandmaster Li Tai Liang, one of the most famous martial art grandmasters from Mainland China. Xing Yi Dao is a system combines major elements of Xin Yi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua and modern Chinese Sanshou ( Chinese Kick Boxing)

Tong Hua Men Kung Fu is a mixed internal and external martial arts system created by Master Huan Zhang which he inherited mostly from his father Grandmaster Zhang Lu Ping. It includes foundational form like Tan Tui, close contact fighting form such as Baji, long distance fighting form such as five element Tong Bei, internal forms such as Yang Style Tai Chi, Chen Style Tai Chi and Ba Gua.

Master Zhang has lineage on many other styles.

Great Grandmaster Cai Hong Xiang 蔡鴻祥(1931 – 2015) learned martial arts from Cai Gui Qin. Cai Gui Qin is the martial arts teacher of former Chinese presidents Sun Yat-sen(Sun Zhong San)孫中山 and Li Zongren李宗仁. Cai Hong Xiang’s famous classmate is Magic Fist – Big Dragon, Cai Long Yun 神拳大龍蔡龍雲whom was admired as a hero by Bruce Lee. Bruce’s first book has virtually copied all the leg training methods from Cai Longyun’s Wushu books. His another famous classmate is female Knight of Mirror Lake, Qiu Jin 鉴湖女侠秋瑾. Grand Master Cai Hong Xiang is famous on Hua Mountain style, Yang Style Tai Chi, Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing), Combat fighting, Joint Lock, flying dagger and double wipes. He won 3 times Chinese national champion from 1953 to 1960. He has received 5 golden metals in Chinese national martial arts competition. He was the Head coach of Shang Hai Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) team, Vice president of Shang Hai martial arts association and board member of Shang Hai Chin Woo Federation Head quarter. He was the head judge of Chinese national martial arts competition for 6 times. 19 times as head judge on international Chinese martial art competition. In 1995, he was honored as one of the “Ten most famous Chinese marital arts master” by Chinese Government. In 1999, Xin Hua News( China’s CNN) interviewed him, and made a documentary film for him and played in many Chinese TV stations. (Edited from Chinese Wiki)

Grandmaster Li Tai Liang 李泰良 is a worldwide renowned Chinese martial artist and Chairman of The World Fighting Martial Arts Federation (WFMAF) which hosted many martial art fighting competitions in both China and USA . Grandmaster Li has taught at Shaolin Temple in China, and the Beijing Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) Team. Born in Shanxi province, China, Grandmaster Li learned Xingyiquan and Shaolin Kung Fu from his father Li Shiquan, who was a student of the famous Bu Xuekuan who in turn learned Xingyi from Che Yizhai車毅齋, who was the student of Xingyi’s modern originator, Li Luoneng. Grandmaster Li also learned the more ancient and internal ancestor of Xingyiquan, called Dai Style Xinyiquan from Wang Yinghai王映海. It was Dai Style Xinyiquan that Li Luoneng knew and modified to create modern Xingyiquan. Grandmaster Li is a closed door disciple of Wang Rongtang王榮堂, who was a disciple of Yang Mingshan. Yang Mingshan was a disciple of Cheng Tinghua, who learned his Baguazhang from Dong Haichuan, the art’s founder. Grandmaster Li was selected to join the Wushu Department of Beijing Sport University (this elite level sport university trained numerous Olympic gold medalists) to study Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) and various forms of martial arts, including baguazhang, taijiquan, pao quan, western boxing and modern wushu. Grandmaster Li’s instructors included the illustrious 1936 Wushu Olympian, Professor Zhang Wenguang張文廣. Grandmaster Li developed special expertise in Sanda, winning the National Chinese Martial Arts Competition in Sanda. Upon retiring from competition, Grandmaster Li become the first coach of the Beijing Sanda team. He was the head coach for the Shaolin Temple’s Sanda program, and was the chief referee for the National Sanda Competition. From the age of five, Grandmaster Li has studied, practiced, cultivated, and integrated traditional and modern martial arts. With his intimate knowledge he has created a developmental system called Xinyi-Dao, which unites the essential elements of Shaolin Kung Fu, Internal Martial Arts, & Sanda into a complete modern system for self-defense, health, and fitness that is available and comprehensible for everyone.

Grandmaster Lu Ping Zhang 張鷺平, PhD (1945 – 1998) – Chen Style Tai Chi Champion of Zhe Jiang Province in China. He is a student of the famous Wang Zi Ping王子平, Cai Hong Xiang蔡鴻祥, little Tiger Zhang Hai Sheng章海深 and Du Wen Cai都文才( Last Student of Chen Zhao Kui). Lu Ping is a master of all five styles of Tai Chi. He is the father of Master Huan Zhang. Lu Ping has been presented seven times on Tai Chi magazine and three times on the cover of Tai Chi magazine. He has also been presented couple times on Inside kung Fu magazine, and many other magazines and was interviewed by the TV show “Full Circle”. Lu Ping was invited for master demonstration for Tai Chi and seminars in both Zhang San Feng Festival in Tai Chi farm and “Taste of China”. Lu Ping served as a judge of many Tai Chi and martial art’s tournaments in both United States and China, and taught mathematics at the University of California in Irvine and at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. At UMass, he earned a Post Doctoral degree in mathematics, and used his mathematics and physics research to explain the intricate dynamics of Tai Chi. He has passed away on April 5th, 1998. ( Edited from Wikipedia)

Grandmaster Xu Hong Ju 徐洪聚 is one of the top students of Great Grandmaster Lin Dao Sheng. Lin Dao Sheng kept all the written notes of The Creator of the Five Element Tong Bei, Xiu Jian Chi. Great Grandmaster Lin contributed all the notes to The Chinese government as government asked. Grandmaster Xu kept a copy of all the notes. Grandmaster Xu is famous on fighting with Tong Bei. He is also an expert of Shuai Jiao ( Chinese Wrestling) and Mi Zhong Yi ( Lost Track Form).

Grandmaster Xie Bing Can 謝炳燦( 1934 – 2020) was a Tai Chi teacher of East China University in China. He has been presented on Tai Chi magazine many times, and served as a Tai Chi judge for many tournaments in China. Grandmaster Xie is a senior student of the great Fu Zhong Wen, who is the 4th generation of Yang Style Tai Chi. Grandmaster Xie is also a student of Ma Yu Liang, who is the 3rd generation of Wu style Tai Chi. Ma married Wu’s daughter. ( Edited from Wikipedia)