List of Grandmaster Zhang Lu Ping’s Students


For student wanted to be refereed by Huan’s Tai Chi to any of these teachers below, please contact us. We heard of people who never or just joined one of Grandmaster Zhang Lu Ping’s seminar claimed to be his senior student. Please be cautious if some one mentioned they learned from Grandmaster Zhang but not on this list. Grandmaster Zhang had pictures with many people in many occasions but they are not necessary his students. Be sure to double check with us.

List of the people in United States who have studied from Grandmaster Zhang.

( Listed alphabetical by last name)

Kevin Beane ( Portsmouth, NH)

Leroy & Maria Clark ( Seattle, WA)

Peter Capel ( Pittsburgh, PA)

Susanah DeRosa ( Princeton, NJ)

Michael Fioretti ( Tewksbury, MA)

Master James Keenan ( Marlborough, MA)

Tom Kimberly ( Pittsburgh, PA)

Master Steve Levinson ( Los Angeles, CA)

Master William C. Phillips ( Brooklyn, NY)

Sifu Michael Snyder ( Margan Town, West Vergnia)

James Sternfield ( Huston, TX)

Master Robert Story ( Springfield, MA)

Noah West ( Lafayette, LA)

Sifu Justin Meehan (St. Louis, MO)

Ren Yuan Zheng ( Providence, RI)

For teachers wanted to be in this list. If we left your name out, please contact Huan.