Who we are

Master Huan Zhang, Chief Instructor and Executive Director

Huan has 40 plus years of martial arts experiences. He has studied variety of martial arts from top masters from China including his father Grandmaster Zhang Lu Ping, Grandmaster Li Tai Liang, and Great Grandmaster Cai Hong Xiang. He has been interviewed by WCVB & NECN. Published many martial arts articles on major magazines from both China and America, he is also the Chief Exercise designer for a NIH granted Joint Pain Study for elderly at University of Massachusetts, Boston. As the director of the Culture Promotion Committee for the The World Fighting Martial Arts Federation (WFMAF), he helps to promote Martial Arts Worldwide.

David Watts, Manager & Senior Instructor

David Watts is a high school teacher. He has practiced Tai Chi for more than 14 years with Huan. Dave has appeared in Tai Chi – Spirit of Kung Fu, a premiere magazine in China. In addition, he is a husband, father and a member of the American Mountain Guides Association.

Michael Stevens, Associate Instructor

Michael Stevens has several years of martial arts experience, and has been training with Huan’s Tai Chi for 7 years, studying Tai Chi , Ba Gua, Tong Bei, Saber and Short Staff. Micheal has appeared in Tai Chi and Kung Fu magazine. When not doing Tai Chi, he works as a software engineer.

Rick Wehr,  Assistant Instructor

Rick Wehr has been training with Huan’s Tai Chi for about 6 years, focusing on Yang Style Tai Chi. His photo has appeared in Tai Chi – Spirit of Kung Fu, a premiere magazine in China. Outside of Huan’s Tai Chi, Rick is a scientist and university instructor.

William J. Butts, Assistant Instructor

William has been a student of martial arts for several years and a student of yang style Tai Chi and Cheng Style Bagua for roughly 3 year under Master Huan Zhang. He assisted Master Zhang for his Tai Chi and Ba Gua classes in Belmont and Watertown. He completed graduate studies in the exercise and health sciences at UMass Boston in 2020. As a member of the HELP 2 study (Helping Elders Living with Pain), he assisted in designing protocol of therapeutic value for older adults.

Greer Tan Swiston, Assistant Instructor

Greer Tan Swiston has been studying various disciplines of martial arts since she was a child and has been practicing Tai Chi with Huan since 2018.  A former High Tech Executive and engineer turned elected official, Greer has since retired from both the corporate world and politics and currently serves in the leadership of the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association (GBCCA), teaches in the public Elementary schools and invests in real estate.  She also coaches a high school robotics team and a youth dragonboat team.

Joe Zane, Teaching Assistant

Joe Zane has been studying Chinese Martial Arts for around 7 years including Northern Shaolin, Yang Taijiquan and Chen Taijiquan (lao jia). Joe began to study Chen Taijiquan (xin jia) with Huan in 2020, which continues to be his main focus. He also studies xingyi-dao, broadsword (dao) and short stick (bian gan) with Huan. When not practicing Taiji, Joe makes and exhibits art and manages several art galleries for Harvard University.